SuPerTandem at IndTech 2024

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We are happy to share that our partner AMIRES showcased SuPerTandem at the IndTech2024 Conference on Industrial Technologies (Namur, 3 – 5 June). At AMIRES’ booth, SuPerTandem dissemination materials were distributed to the audience, with the AMIRES team discussing the project’s innovations and latest activities.

Moreover, in this key event, stakeholders from academia, research, industry, and politics discussed the future of industry in Europe. What are the challenges for European R&D policy?

📍It’s urgent to align trade, industry, innovation & security policies in Europe. Without it, Europe can’t ensure technology supremacy, resilience, safety and security for its citizens.

📍 CleanTech is a key domain where most of the negative trends from the past (e.g. in the semiconductor industry) are replaying but we are still in time to act.

📍 Some of the solutions discussed to support research for industry were:

🔹 Europe-wide deregulation of energy grid access, more favorable taxation (incl. incentives), support for scale-ups and actual deployment of innovative technologies, and even European revision of state-level support to key industries.

It will be a challenging and demanding path to become strong players in global value chains, such as that of PV technologies, without compromising on European values. However, partners from the SuPerTandem project remain optimistic.