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β˜€πŸ†• What is in store for the next generation of PV? ➑ Read more in pv magazine’s “Weekend Read” which highlights several achievements of SuPerTandem partners:

Next-generation PV will be lowcost, highly efficient, and highly stable, which probably means tandem cells with a wide-bandgap perovskite top-cell in combination with CIS, CIGS, silicon, or a compatible perovskite sub-cell

Ayodhya Nath Tiwari, former professor at EMPA, founder of Soltiwa

A remarkable amount of focus has been placed on all-thin-film tandem solar cells, with some research groups focusing purely on all-perovskite, and we are lucky to have Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin, TNO, and Saule Technologies Inc. on board.

HZB recently announced an all-perovskite tandem solar cell with a certified efficiency of 27.2%, developed and manufactured within SuPerTandem, in the pursuit of all-perovskite, two-terminal metal-halide tandems in 100 cm2 modules. πŸ†

So don’t forget to follow our page to find out how we progress! πŸ”œ https://www.pv-magazine.com/2023/11/18/weekend-read-the-fruitful-search-for-other-thin-films/

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